On-line Distant Reiki Treatment  - 60 mins – Plus bonus angel card reading

    (Can add a 30min Holistic Counselling Session – Counselling session first).

Reiki is a natural healing system connecting to life force energy.


Distance Reiki recipients do not need to be in physical proximity to Reiki practitioners to receive Reiki, just as practitioners do not need to be near recipients to send it.  Reiki does indeed work over distance.


Reiki helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression, fear as well as physical conditions and pain.

After healing you can experience peace of mind, a feeling of being uplifted, feeling lighter and relaxed.   A relief from pain or a least an easing or acceptance of the condition can also be felt.

Occasionally there have been miracles.  



(Once I have been contacted and an appointment made  a short questionnaire/disclaimer will be sent via email for you to fill out.   Once I have received a scanned reply or photo of this back a zoom meeting date will be sent to you via email.
Payment will need to be made before start of treatment/zoom session.)




Sessions can consist of working together to bring about balance between body mind and soul. 

Providing support while the client explores more effective and new ways of being. 

"I understand that making that first call can be the hardest!

I believe that it is never too late to empower any individual to feel better about life and themselves."

My style of Holistic Counselling incorporates techniques, which will be carefully tailored to the unique person that you are.  As a team, we look at empowering tools to help deal with those negative thought processes which can prevent us from

reaching our full potential.  This also allows us to explore the wellness of the physical body and soul which then helps us to find that inner peace.

From a safe environment I can utilize natural, therapeutic and drug free techniques which will enable lasting positive lifestyle changes to your life.".

Help ease symptoms of Anxiety, Stress and Depression the Holistic Way!  

(1 hour to 1.30 hour duration). 

Rock Balancing
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