Image by Jason Leung

My Story


I started off as a Beauty Therapist in1985 and have ran my own small successful beauty business from home for many years. I have always had an avid interest in finding my inner peace and being in the best health possible (mentally, physically and spiritually). 

Unfortunately in my childhood, teenage and early adult years I found I struggled to achieve this and move on from many traumatic adversaries but as I delved into the deeper meanings of life and wellness I eventually started to find my way and slowly moved forward. I feel that I was greatly assisted by practicing meditation and a few years later I decided to have a Reiki treatment which was given to me as a birthday present.  I honestly started to feel so much more in harmony and balance and after a few more Reiki treatments I decided I needed to find out more about this amazing healing system that was Reiki.

I feel that the Reiki along with meditation and spiritual healing really encouraged and supported  my growth in self healing and my personal and spiritual development.  There is such a growing need for  holistic therapy  in all of our ever increasingly busy lives!  I completed my Reiki I and II certification in the 1990’s, and followed many years later with my Meditation Teaching Training and Reiki Masters. I am now a Reiki Master of the Usui Shiki Ryoho of Natural Healing and a qualified Meditation teacher and have seen so many lives improve with the above modalities. 


I continued on with my training; always thirsting for more knowledge and personal development and the need to help make a difference.  I completed studies in Professional Counselling  {AIPC} and Holistic Counselling,  Diploma Mindfulness therapy and Advanced Pranic Healing.


If you want to live your life clearer and better give me a call.  I will listen to you always and will support you completely in a private, confidential environment.

I offer Personal 1:1 sessions and 4 to 5 week programs, using a variety of different Holistic Counselling/Healing modalities to help you alleviate stress and anxiety or whatever you feel you need. 

My Philosophy:-

"It has always been important to me to try and help make a positive difference, hoping the resultant outcome will be that the person realises the unique and special person that they are.


I am looking forward to sharing the tools and techniques I have learnt to help you feel good about yourself and lead a more positive, harmonious life and find your inner peace.


I work on an intuitive and energetic level. Healing can take time and patience. Clients need to participate in their own healing and encourage the healing process within themselves, facilitating self discovery and self healing".